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The principal aims of GOMULTIMODAL are to shift traffic successfully from road to environmentally friendly combined transport, to optimize existing intermodal transport systems and to identify potential for cost reduction in the supply chain.

Pre-construction work underway in Poland

The preparatory work has begun for the proposed €13m project to modernise port infrastructure, build new terminals and buffer car parks at the two northern Poland ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście.

Container port market outlook

A new study by Ocean Shipping Consultants (OSC), part of Royal Haskoning, has a positive outlook for the container port market, despite short term uncertainty. It considers the forces driving terminal development and the outlook up until 2025.

Significantly weak margin with European rail cargo transport

A current study conducted by SCI Verkehr GmbH (Cologne) iluminates the unsatisfactory situation of European cargo transport on the railway: However transport performance of the railway companies have been rising again after the crisis in 2009, but adequate profit remains out of reach for Europe’s enterprises.

Femern A/S recommends immersed tunnel

Femern A/S has recommended to the Danish Minister for Transport an immersed tunnel as the company's preferred solution for a fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt between Denmark and Germany.