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Greening Europe's seaports and freight terminals

The EU-funded project GREEN EFFORTS ('Green and effective operations at terminals and in ports') is analysing port and terminal processes in detail with a view to developing new solutions reducing energy consumption while promoting the use of cleaner energy at container, roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) and inland waterway terminals.

SAICA confirms its commitment to trains

SAICA stands firm in its commitment to expand intermodal transport.

Commission Proposes New Regulation on Monitoring CO2 Emissions from Shipping

The European Commission has today adopted a Communication setting out a strategy for progressively including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from maritime transport in the EU's policy for reducing its overall GHG emissions.

Cornflakes on the canal

Global cereal manufacturer Kellogg has moved to substantially increase the efficiency of its supply chain and take hundreds of trucks off UK roads.

Measuring and Managing CO 2 Emissions of European Chemical Transport

This interesting report explains that the chemical industry is uniquely placed to apply its products to enable energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Individual chemical companies are already doing a lot of work in the area of energy efficiency and innovation, recognising environmental performance – alongside health, safety and security – as essential for business success.