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Environmental encyclopaedia "Epaedia"

Our environment is complex and not always easy to understand. Issues such as climate change and biodiversity can have many aspects to them. The Epaedia is a multimedia source of information that explains these issues and their interconnection in an easy understandable way.

Energy Efficiency Best Practices Program

The Energy Efficiency Best Practices Program (EEBPP) is a government-sponsored information and awareness program that aims to stimulate energy savings in industry. It produces and disseminates information on freight fuel efficiency strategies. These include: Benchmarks that companies can use to measure their performance. Guidelines that assist organizations to adopt good driving practices. Case studies that document successes and highlight the energy, environmental and cost-benefit of these measures.

Take action on transport and climate change

European citizens can email their MEPs directly to call for action on transport and climate change thanks to a new website created by Friends of the Earth. The online tool, available in ten languages has been launched to coincide with important votes in the European Parliament on new CO2 emission standards for cars and the EU's plan to integrate aviation into the EU emissions trading system.

CO2 Emissions from Freight Transport in the UK

Climate change is now one of the biggest issues facing humankind. In identifying what needs to be done in the UK, there is much focus on the role that measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions from transport can play alongside action elsewhere in the economy. Options to cut transport emissions essentially involve addressing one or more of the following: the demand for movement; the choice of transport mode; the technical efficiency of vehicles; the carbon content of the fuels used to power them; and the efficiency of vehicle use.