Longer Lorries Will Decimate Rail Freight

Rail Freight Group has voiced its concern at UK government proposals to extend the length of articulated lorries by up to 2.05 metres.The Dept for Transport consultation, outlines plans to permit lorries of up to 18.75 metres to operate in the UK, despite the devastating impact that this would have for the rail freight sector. The DfT's own impact assessment shows that the introduction of these longer lorries would reduce domestic rail freight growth by two thirds by 2025, and fails to properly address the viability of the remaining traffic on rail. The analysis states that this reduction would benefit the logistics sector, with some 84% of the quoted cost savings associated with longer lorries coming from reduced rail costs.RFG opposes the introduction of longer semi-trailers for the UK market on the grounds that it would seriously undermine the market for domestic rail freight, and is unlikely to deliver the benefits claimed.