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Consultation on Combined transport

The EC’s 2011 White Paper on Transport noted that the quality, accessibility and reliability of transport services will gain increasing importance in the coming years. Attractive frequencies, comfort, easy access, reliability of services, and intermodal integration (ie combining the various modes of transport together to best effect) are the main characteristics of service quality.


SHIFT²RAIL will be the first European rail joint technology initiative to seek focused research and innovation (R&I) and market-driven solutions by accelerating the integration of new and advanced technologies into innovative rail product solutions.

European Commission publishes first EU Transport Scoreboard

The European Commission has published for the first time a scoreboard on transport in the EU. It compares Member State performance in 22 transport-related categories and highlights for most of these categories the five top and bottom performers.

Guidance document on Inland waterway transport and Natura 2000

Sustainable inland waterway development and management in the context of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives

Have the Marco Polo programmes been effective in shifting traffic off the road?

Council conclusions on the European Court of Auditors Special Report o 3/2013 "Have the Marco Polo programmes been effective in shifting traffic off the road?"